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Glasserie restaurant and bar is located in the former home of Greenpoint Glass Works. The factory was built in 1880 to house the expanding glass production. The operation included kilns, docking facilities on Newtown Creek and a production line. It also included housing for the employees in its wings and employed 300 people until moving to Queens in 1946. We are told that divers in Newtown Creek have found some of these original glass fixtures on the creek bed.

Our current incarnation opened in 2013 as a neighborhood Mediterranean restaurant and bar with many design elements reminiscent of the original factory and era. Framed images upon entering feature images from the original glass factory fixture catalogues.


Executive Chef:  Asi Maman

Owner:  Sara Conklin

PR:  Kendra Borowski

Textile design catalogue: Maison Robert

About page photos: Rémy Amezcua

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